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4th April 2023: Independent Magazines Talk w/Stack 

motor dance journal will be speaking at Stack's Independent Magazine inspiration event. We'll be discussing our editorial process as well as why we decided to make motor. Tickets can be purchased here.

15th November 2022: Journal Launch, ICA, London 

motor dance journal warmly invites you to the launch of its first print publication. The Solo considers the creative, personal and social possibilities of dancing on one’s own. It features a diverse array of dancers, artists, curators and writers, including Gillian Wearing, Catherine Wood, Siobhan Davies, Rose English, Lucinda Chua, Candela Capitán, Stephanie LaCava and many more, on themes as varied as the choreographies of cruising, to paparazzi shots of Brittany Murphy outside a ballet class.


The launch will feature readings from motor contributors Philomena Epps and Jack Parlett. The evening will also be the first opportunity to view and purchase the publication. Find out more here

12th June 2021: Conference, UCL History of Art 

A Call for Action: Moving is Understanding is a day-long conference that considers the valuable contributions dance can bring to the field of Art History, and how it can interrogate and expand the knowledge structures on which the discipline is based. The conference will be an opportunity to come together to present papers and share performance practices, exploring and engaging with dance as a means to reconsider the personal, the social, the political and the ethical. We invite speakers/practitioners to engage with contemporary and historic material to highlight how dance produces and (re)configures relations—between self and other, body and environment—exposing power structures and providing an alternative means to knowledge. 


The day’s programme will be organised by three themes; ‘1: solo activities’, ‘2: duets/dialogues’, and ‘3: group work’. Whilst we would not like these groupings to appear limiting, they will provide a structuring principle for our investigation into the various ways a body, or multiple bodies, can be activated and mobilised to forge both internal and external relationships.

View the full conference here.

Session 1 | Solo(s)

Face after Face: Cruising as a ‘quick dance’

Jack Parlett, Junior Research Fellow in English at University College, Oxford University.

Choreography as Climate Action: Embodied Experience and Environmental Movements

Subathra Subramaniam, choreographer, dancer, educator and Artistic Director at Akademi (the UK’s leading South Asian Dance organisation).

Our Bodies Our Archives

Tamsin Hong, Assistant Curator of Performance at Tate Modern.


Session 2 | Duets/Dialogues

Movement, life, performance

Helia Marcal, conservator, researcher and lecturer in Art, Materials and Technology at University College London

The Old Coat: Some brief reflections on dance, plot and itinerancy

Clair Wills, King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge and a keen, if not very proficient, jazz dancer.

A dialogue with the archival body (A reference to a reference to monumentality) [film]

Sanna Helena Berger, artist working with performance, choreography, installation, video, text and sound. 

The Critique of Institutional Dressage: Mike Kelley and Kate Foley’s Pantomime Horse Dance

Lisa Moravec, critic, researcher, and PHD candidate at Royal Holloway’s Drama, Theatre, and Dance department

Session 3 | Groupwork

The founding and early history of Chisenhale Dance Space (1980-1988)

Rachael Davies, curator, researcher, writer and PHD candidate at Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University

Crush: Social Embodiment in Yvonne Rainer's ‘Concept of Dust’

Caitrín Barrett-Donlon, art historian and dancer, based in London.

HERDING, 2021 [film]

Movement /// Possession - London-based platform for experimentation with movement and play will present a film made with Isa Rakel, performance artist and activist.


The Death at the Club. in 45 min. (2018 -2021) [live performance]

Candela Capitán, contemporary dancer and choreographer (Lesionada Bendicion)

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